City Theaters

Circo de Marte Theater

In 1871, the Circo de Marte Theater, built over the former Dominican convent of Santa Catalina de Siena plot, was inaugurated. This unique building- hexagonal shaped- hosted since its opening  the traditional cock figthing, dated since the XVIII century. The theater takes it name both from the mythological God of war, son of Jupiter and Juno, and the Roman circus, where the fight contests used to take place. It was then transformed into a theatre between 1914 and 1918 under the supervision of Eladio Duque Batista, who used the original structure to sit the audience, creating a peculiar Italian inspired theater. Closed to the public for two decades it reopened in 2008 to welcome the premiere of the symphonic poem ‘San Borondón’, by Luis Cobiella Cuevas. Provided with the most updated technical resources, the volume of its black box stands out. In 1997 it was declared of Cultural Interest and since its reopening it offers a rich and varied cultural programme, mainly devoted to drama and music. 

Address: Calle Virgen de la Luz, 5
Tlf.: 922 420007

Local Teatro Chico

Built over the plot of the former Hospital de Dolores oratory founded in 1514 that still shows its pointed arch in the choir entrance which has become nowadays the backstage access, and the presbytery arch, its upper part is still visible in the theatre balcony. The developers of this construction were member of the Terpsícore and Melpómene Society (Greek muses of Dance and Drama), which predetermined the character of Santa Cruz de La Palma theater until the first third of the XX century. The main access to the theatre is in Díaz Pimienta street. Its simple facade has two doors on the,  ground floor and two symmetrical windows on the second one. Despite its small size, the audience room gather all the elements of an Italian theatre: the horse shoe- shaped layout and four levels, stalls, stage boxes, circle and balcony boxes. On stage we find two proscenium boxes- that have two stores-, with decorated arches with images inspired in drama and dance, the developers coat of arms as well as a fragment Cádiz de Chueca y Valverde Durán zarzuela, made by  Ubaldo Bordanova Moreno, deceased in 1909. The building, declared of Cultural Interest in 1997, its nowadays a movie theatre which offers differents types of shows and events. 

Address: Calle Díaz Pimienta, 1
Tlf.: 922416045