Town Hall

After the fire occurred in 1553, La Palma’s council planned the construction of a new building. Works started in 1559 and were finished by 1567. The front of the building, with two floors, is the best example of the civil renaissance architecture in the Canary Islands: formed by a series of arches on the ground floor, the second one is divided into two arched windows. Differents reliefs seek to contrast virtues and vice. The interior of the council, remodeled in the mid-twentieth century by the architect Tomás Machado, has a mural in the stairwell by the Vialisoletano Mariano de Cossío.The woodwork in the hall and the chapter room is inspired in the Mudejar models and decorate the roof and staircase. Furniture wise, is worth mentioning the royal Pendón of La Palma, a piece made out of apricot tree and linen with silk and metallic embroidery, whose origin is in the Andalusian workshops; as well as the collection of paintings by the realist painter Manuel González Méndez, and the portraits of the kings Isabel II and Alfonso XIII. Its municipal archive, deposited in the dependencies of the Hospital of Dolores, contains documentation from the sixteenth century to the present day. 

Address: Plaza de España, 6