Holy Week

Declared as celebration of Regional Tourist Interest, Holy Week in Santa Cruz de la Palma, has one of the greatest personalities , patrimonial value and charm of those celebrated in Canary Islands, to the extend of being the only one with this distinction. Easter is not only an important and rooted religious tradition but a notorious tourist attraction. The rich imaginary, carried on the shoulders of the costaleros,  has an outstanding role. The parades run through the main streets of the capital and among them the Lord of the Cold Stone - a stunning anonymous statue of Mexican origin from the 16th century - the Lord of the Fall, made by the Sevillian master Benito de Hita and Castillo, the Flamenco Calvary of the Sanctuary of Las Nieves, as well as the many other works from Fernando Estévez, a sculptor from La Orotava, Tenerife. 
One of the mains singularities of this festivity is its chronological character, since the different parades stage the passion of Christ. Starting with his entry  in Jerusalen and his prayer in Garden of Olives on Sunday, and finishing the next Friday with the crucifixion. 
Holy Week has gained interest and visibility thanks to the involvement of guilds, brotherhoods and people linked to the life of the different paris churches. Likewise, traditional parades has been enriched with new images, new marches and musical pieces, as well as with the creation of new acts around the passion of Christ.