La Palma has one of Spain’s most interesting, varied and well preserved handicrafts. The nature of the Island supplies an extraordinary wealth of materials, which linked to its people good work and traditional inherited techniques, give a particular stamp to La Palma’s craftsmanship within the whole Canarian handicraft.

Household appliances, furniture, dowry pieces, functional and luxurious muds some with pre-Hispanic seal, implements and fishing gear, seafaring and construction tools, stone, wood, forge and brass in all forms and applications, braided basketry with varas and crusts from diverse vegetables add unique pieces and centennial designs to the Canarian crafts catalog. The meticulousness and uniqueness of La Palma’s artisans is their best report card. A great number of artisans work in Santa Cruz de La Palma, their daily work enrichs this important sector.

Aarón Hernández López

Phone: 620576418
Job: Upholstery
Email: aaron_tapicero@hotmail.com

Ana Denis Pérez Rodríguez

Phone: 922412777
Job: Fancywork

Ana María Acosta Lastra

Phone: 685872385
Job: Traditional pottery

Ana María Vargas del Amo

Phone: 605041185
Job: Traditional costumes, embroidery

Andrea Díaz Torres

Phone: 646948733
Job: Artificial flowers
Email: info@sweetnia.com

Beatriz García Sánchez

Phone: 676887506
Job: Recycling of materials
Email: beatrizdelmar@hotmail.com

Candelaria Lorenzo Brito

Phone: 679259990
Job: Traditional costumes

Carmen Dolores Sánchez Rodríguez

Phone: 616034235
Job: Recycling of materials

Carmen Lina Capote Martín

Phone: 674409479
Job: Fabric decoration

Cristina Hernández Álamo

Phone: 666102260
Job: Macrame
Email: cristinahernandezalamo@hotmail.com
Web: https://www.facebook.com/pisandocolores

Elisa Marzán Hernández

Phone: 618123446
Job: Ceramics, paper and paperboard
Email: elisamarzan@yahoo.es

Esther Espinosa Hernández

Phone: 922417366
Job: Traditional costumes, embroidery

Francisco de La Torre Goya

Phone: 650732440
Job: Dolls
Email: ftg_1975@hotmail.com

Jorge Isidro Pérez Hernández

Phone: 679811119
Job: Percussion musical instruments, traditional woodworking carpenter
Email: jiph.1957@gmail.com

Josefa Pérez de La Cruz

Phone: 697748432
Job: Fancywork

Laura Elena Parada Fábrega

Phone: 639098855
Job: Crochet
Email: lparada3@gmail.com

Luis Miguel Díaz Rodríguez

Phone: 609123284
Job: Blacksmithing, forging and locksmithing
Email: ludimoni7@yahoo.es

Maira Riverol Cabello

Phone: 620 936 998
Job: Dolls
Email: pitusapalmera@yahoo.es

Manuel G. Ramos Cabrera

Phone: 922438006
Job: Cigars
Email: info@destiladera.com

María Asunción Lorenzo Rodríguez

Phone: 675753865
Job: Soaps
Email: maria.a.lrnz@gmail.com

María Carmen Henríquez Rodríguez

Phone: 649342485
Job: Glass decoration, fabric decoration, recycling material

María Fernanda Castillo Méndez

Phone: 649400797
Job: Dolls

María Jesús Concepción Cairós

Phone: 626064814
Job: Crochet

María Mercedes Rodríguez Cruz

Phone: 677857248
Job: Wickerwork, linen spinning

María Pilar Piñero Pérez

Phone: 650733369
Job: Almazuelas

María Raquel Sanjuán Espinosa

Phone: 608809293
Job: Hats
Email: raquelsanjuanespinosa@hotmail.com

María Susana Fernández Pérez

Phone: 609964795
Job: Dolls
Email: pontequietoya@gmail.com
Web: http://pontequieto.blogspot.com.es

María Teresa Carballo Rodríguez

Phone: 639454589
Job: Embroidery, Crochet

Marisol Brito Lorenzo

Phone: 660553000
Job: Dressmaker

Silvia Teresa Baly Nebki

Phone: 646316928
Job: Crochet and Leggings

Víctor Celestino Arrocha Candelario

Phone: 639256214
Job: Cabinetmaking

Yudiry del Carmen Giron de Ibarria

Phone: 672124010
Job: Almazuelas